Welcome to ETHX Corporation

How it Works:

Ethx has a unique way to get the internet to your home. Instead of costly cable or DSL circuits, Ethx does it with a high speed radio link. Ethx builds an internet system in the HOA and connects it to a fiber-optic feed (where available) and offers higher speeds and greater reliability than any of the other providers. Ethx offers a lower price for better and faster service.

Secure Connections:

Ethx is even more secure than other providers because the actual radio offers an additional layer of security.

Advantages of Fiber-Optic internet feed:

Ethx has the same upload speeds as it does download speeds. The result is much faster performance for you. Most providers give you 20MB Down and only 5MB Up. Ethx typically provides a fiber-optic symmetrical internet circuit to your community of 100MB Down and100MB Up. Most customers get a significant part of that. This fiber-optic feed can be increased at any time to accommodate future needs as video streaming and VoIP phones grow more popular. Kings Gate and Old Bridge Village use a 100Meg feed.